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Matching Quince Colors and Themes

Quince Colors and Themes

Quinceaneras are a pivotal part of a young woman’s life and Los Amigos has been fortunate enough to host many of these life-changing events at our facility.  Contrary to our predominantly neutral bridal events, a great indicator of a quinceanera has to be the vibrant colors that each young woman chooses to to earmark her special day.  Many of our young guests come to us with a color scheme and a dress but no theme while others have a theme but are looking for ways to execute them.  Our team at Los Amigos offers some creative ideas to combine the best of both in order to help you plan your special day. Blue-based Theme – Beachy Party Bring the ocean table-side with a beach theme!  Beach themes are a great way to incorporate the outdoors if you have an indoor event and tablescapes made to match this theme are relatively inexpensive – just a little sand and shells!

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Green-based Theme – Garden party Green and garden go hand-in-hand, have yourself a sophisticated and rustic party with natural elements incorporated into it.  Organic materials are on trend and can be used in abundance when setting up your celebration.  (Check out our garden site here!)

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Red-based theme – Red Carpet Party Get in touch with your glamorous side with a red carpet party.  Whether you go high-end or just whimsical, this theme is easy to implement with stars and deep reds and golds.

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Orange-based Theme – Circus Party The circus doesn’t have to be goofy and childish, bright orange lends itself well to the circus theme as is adds a touch of whimsy and lightheartedness if done in the correct way.  Dress up favors and accessories like straws to emphasize the color without going too overboard.

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Yellow-based Theme – Tea Party This theme is perfect for those that love soft, sweet, feminine things.  All girls had “tea times” with our friends growing up, take that theme to the next level with exaggerated decorations in quaint colors.

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Purple-based Theme – Masquerade Theme Purple is deep and mysterious which would lend itself well to a masquerade party with masks and velvety touches.  Whether it’s light or dark purple, this color works perfect in executing this theme.

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Pink-based Theme – Mid-summer Night Theme A mystical and magical theme is the perfect pair for the color pink.  Rich colors can be paired with pink-tones and romantic elements like glass and roses to give your party a soft feminine touch.

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Los Amigos has had a long history of hosting Quinceaneras and would love the opportunity to help you and your family execute the perfect coming-of-age celebration.  Please contact our event specialist, Brenda, at or 562-923-9696 ext.3.


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