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Wedding and Quinceanera Blog

Wedding and Quinceanera Blog


Summer’s Coming! We’re Thinking about Elegant Outdoor Weddings

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Summer’s Coming! We’re Thinking about Elegant Outdoor Weddings

Elegant Outdoor Weddings

Lakeside Wedding

Lakeside wedding venue at Los Amigos Golf Course

With summer coming soon, we’ve been thinking about weddings held in the open air, on beautiful green lawns, and garden party-themed receptions.


Ceremony seating with a waterfront view (Source: flickr / Kris Krug)

Photo courtesy of

(Source: flickr / Itch ka)

Outdoor seating arrangements can be both elegant and kid and family friendly. Consider creating a beautiful outdoor environment with banquet-style seating as your guests enjoy beautiful scenery outside.

At the Los Amigos Golf Course, we offer two outdoor venues and a ballroom for your wedding, vow renewal, quinceañera, or party.  Our lakeside site seats up to 250 guests, and our garden site seats up to 400. Contact Brenda, our events specialist, at (562)923-9696 extension 3, to discuss planning for your exciting event!

Quick Tips for Penny-Pinching Brides

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Quick Tips for Penny-Pinching Brides

Quick Tips for the Budget-Conscious Bride

Budgeting for a wedding is one of the most important things a bride can do.  But we know that nothing in life is perfect and it may be easy to be tempted by small luxuries or that one big splurge so for the ladies that now find themselves penny-pinching, here are a few tips to get you back on track! Tip 1: Small DIYs And we don’t mean gathering your aunts and cooking 200 hors d’oeuvres the night before your wedding.  Do it yourself projects are on the rise lately due to portals like Pinterest and DIY Network, there are tons of websites out there with great ideas to spruce up smalls aspects of your wedding.  Instead of settling on the look of  pre-made goods, add some “umph” to your day by kicking those elements up a notch.  From table numbers to favor bags, everything can be spruced up to reflect your personal style.  From something as simple as stamps and lace, your wedding can have a matching and comprehensive theme.

Hand-stamped favor bags – courtesy of

Tip 2: Double Duty Items If you’re running low on funds, consider adding items that creatively work double time for you.  For example, if you’re indifferent about where you get married consider holding your ceremony and reception at the same place.  This would help cut down on the cost of transportation and multiple venues; plus your guests would be able to relax knowing they don’t have to scour out your second location.  Holding the ceremony and reception together also helps keep your day manageable as your guests and chauffeur won’t be waiting around between a morning ceremony and an evening reception.  Hold your ceremony as close to twilight as you can and your reception should be in full swing by the time you’re ready to toast.  Another easy-to-execute example would be party favors and escort cards.  This works great to ensure that all guests find their seats and leave with a favor!  Whip out an infamous family recipe and your guests will have something to remember you by long after your wedding is over!

courtesy of

Tip 3: Look for Annual Clearance and Sales The wedding industry moves quickly and is heavily reliant on trends.  This being said, many boutiques and businesses are eager to move merchandise from previous seasons at slashed prices to make room for new inventory.  Do your research and see if any of your local businesses offer any great annual sales or clearances.  With the boom of social media, as soon as you’re engaged you should follow your favorite vendors on their social media sites for information about any upcoming events.  This is also a excellent way to keep track of great offers as the store will notify you whenever they have a good deal. Tip 4: Look for Freebies from Vendors There are a lot of great wedding options out there today and the internet is a great resource for bringing those options straight to your living room.  Literally.  Many wedding vendors now offer wedding samples and freebies that can be dropped in the mail and delivered to your door for only the cost of shipping.  Instead of driving all over town to look at different samples and options, if you know what you want then have it delivered to your home.  Time is money!  If you prefer to go see things in person, samples and giveaways are almost always available in-store for you to try or win before purchasing.  So ask, better safe than sorry especially if you’re budget conscience.  We’ve seen free samples and giveaways for just about everything, wedding invites to makeup, don’t be afraid to ask girls. Tip 5: Don’t trust all Freebies Free stuff may be awesome but be weary!  If you visit a bridal show and win a drawing for a big-ticket item, take the freebie but research that vendor!  Freebies are usually offered by companies looking to maximize their brand recognizance so sometimes they may be offering a free service but at as minimal a cost as possible.  Some free goods are not up to par as compared to their retailed counterparts.  They can be made from cheaper quality products or may be a used product that’s been recycled through the drawing.  Don’t get us wrong, there are a ton of legitimate freebies out there but be wary of all offers.  You get what you pay for so research thoroughly and be sure that you’re getting a good value for your efforts.  The last thing you need is a non-blessing in disguise. We hope these tips come in handy brides looking to plan their perfect day on a less than perfect budget.  To find out what Los Amigos has to offer for your budget, visit or contact our event specialists at 562-923-9696 ext. 103.

Matching Quince Colors and Themes

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Matching Quince Colors and Themes

Quince Colors and Themes

Quinceaneras are a pivotal part of a young woman’s life and Los Amigos has been fortunate enough to host many of these life-changing events at our facility.  Contrary to our predominantly neutral bridal events, a great indicator of a quinceanera has to be the vibrant colors that each young woman chooses to to earmark her special day.  Many of our young guests come to us with a color scheme and a dress but no theme while others have a theme but are looking for ways to execute them.  Our team at Los Amigos offers some creative ideas to combine the best of both in order to help you plan your special day. Blue-based Theme – Beachy Party Bring the ocean table-side with a beach theme!  Beach themes are a great way to incorporate the outdoors if you have an indoor event and tablescapes made to match this theme are relatively inexpensive – just a little sand and shells!

courtesy of Pinterest

Green-based Theme – Garden party Green and garden go hand-in-hand, have yourself a sophisticated and rustic party with natural elements incorporated into it.  Organic materials are on trend and can be used in abundance when setting up your celebration.  (Check out our garden site here!)

Courtesy of

Red-based theme – Red Carpet Party Get in touch with your glamorous side with a red carpet party.  Whether you go high-end or just whimsical, this theme is easy to implement with stars and deep reds and golds.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Orange-based Theme – Circus Party The circus doesn’t have to be goofy and childish, bright orange lends itself well to the circus theme as is adds a touch of whimsy and lightheartedness if done in the correct way.  Dress up favors and accessories like straws to emphasize the color without going too overboard.

Courtesy of

Yellow-based Theme – Tea Party This theme is perfect for those that love soft, sweet, feminine things.  All girls had “tea times” with our friends growing up, take that theme to the next level with exaggerated decorations in quaint colors.

Courtesy of

Purple-based Theme – Masquerade Theme Purple is deep and mysterious which would lend itself well to a masquerade party with masks and velvety touches.  Whether it’s light or dark purple, this color works perfect in executing this theme.

Courtesy of

Pink-based Theme – Mid-summer Night Theme A mystical and magical theme is the perfect pair for the color pink.  Rich colors can be paired with pink-tones and romantic elements like glass and roses to give your party a soft feminine touch.

Courtesy of norskeblogger.blogspot

Los Amigos has had a long history of hosting Quinceaneras and would love the opportunity to help you and your family execute the perfect coming-of-age celebration.  Please contact our event specialist, Brenda, at or 562-923-9696 ext.3.


Quick Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Quick Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Five Quick Tips for Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning can be hard and overwhelming.  For our brides out there that are not sure where to start when it comes to wedding planning, here are a few quick tips to help you get your event underway.

courtesy of

Tip 1: Visit The Knot – This website is the mecca of all things wedding.  Whether you’re simply looking for inspiration or for actual vendors, this site is set up to help you navigate through the hubbub with real-time, relevant information.  One of the features worth mentioning for the site include the classified section – where you can buy used or even brand new items from other former brides for a fraction of the retail price.  The site also has a great gift registry section which allows you to set up your wedding site and register yourself with more than 15 popular retail stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Pottery Barn.  It’s a one-stop shop for all brides looking to minimize on the amount of research but maximize in relevancy. Tip 2: Know What You Want to Spend Everyone, unless you’ve had the luck of winning the jackpot, has a budget.  Figure how much you’re going to spend and allocate specific amounts to different areas of your wedding.  In general, 50% of your budget should be allotted to the venue, your food and drinks.  The other 50% takes care of everything else that goes into your wedding. Approach your vendors and be upfront about your budget.  The last thing you need is to fall in love with a dress you can’t afford or waste time dreaming about that cake that isn’t going to be at your reception.  Your vendors are experts, they’ll be able to tell you what is workable within your price range and what options are available to you.  Be open to these options and don’t expect to be knowledgeable about everything.  Your florist won’t expect you to know how much flowers cost and it’s their job to navigate and work within your budget. Tip 3: Consider Your Schedule If you grew up like me, you thought of your wedding was an excuse for a big party.  But unlike conventional parties, cupcakes and punch are no longer going to appease the masses.  Weddings are now orchestrated through months and months of planning and catered to not only your tastes but the tastes of your groom, his mother, your mother, the list goes on.  For brides that are working full-time, we suggest considering whether you have time to execute this wedding to its full potential.  If not, you may have to hire an event planner to take care of the details for you.  Keep in mind these event planners may take a bite out of your wedding budget but they’re the purveyors of all your wedding details and will take a load of responsibility off your plate.   If an event planner is out of your budget, you can also hire a day-of coordinator.  Day-of coordinators don’t plan your wedding but they will step in at the last minute to make sure everything goes off without a hitch the day of your wedding. Tip 4: Start Big and Go Small When you’re planning your wedding you should take care of the big details first like the date, venue and your guest list.  Once you have those details down, start looking for your dress and hiring vendors.  Leave all flexible details that you can do yourself for last, like party favors and seating charts.  Anything that requires an outside party should be prioritized first because of the lead time some vendors require in order to execute your event.  Think of your planning process as a funnel and the closer you get to your wedding the more minute the details of it should become. Tip 5: References, References, References! Most brides plan their weddings only once, so almost all brides are green to the process.  There are many choices out there as far as great vendors, so make an informed choice by asking people you trust for a reference.  Ask former brides, friends who frequent weddings and other professionals for people they’ve used or were impressed by.  Your close friends will be able to give you a first-hand account of a vendor’s services and a trusted vendor can give you a professional account of a company they like partnering with.  Coming armed with a recommendation allows you to have confidence in the service you’ll be receiving and will help ease your piece of mind the day of your event.  Follow our link here for a list of preferred vendors we trust in the area. It takes a lot to get your wedding started and planning becomes simplified if you’re prepared with the correct information.  If you have any questions about what our venue can do for you visit the Wedding section of our webpage or contact our Event Specialist, Brenda, at or 562-923-9696 ext.3.


Minty Fresh Weddings!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Minty Fresh Weddings!

Trending Wedding Color: Mint!

Mint is the word this wedding season when it comes to bridal color trends.  The mix of fresh and bright with a hint of retro, can lend itself to every aspect of your wedding planning whether you choose to use a little or a lot.  Here are a few ideas from our team to help you implement this trending color into your own wedding party. Wedding Dress The great thing about this hue is that a large amount of it will not overwhelm you or your event.  This great dress is a perfect example of how the color will work seamlessly into your plans by adding something different, without stealing the show.

courtesy of

Bouquet  Mint bouquets work with the neutral white of a wedding gown and is a color lends itself to plants with texture.  If you’re looking for a little punch but don’t want bright and loud colors, a mint bouquet is a perfect way to add that pizzazz to your day.

courtesy of

Cake Think of mint not only as a color but as a flavor.  A mint themed cake, embodied both inside with flavor and outside with color will add a cute and whimsical twist to your wedding day.

courtesy of

Jewelry Break out of the  expected silver jeweled mold with a pop of mint colored jewelry.  This type of jewelry is perfect for your bridesmaids, especially if you’re a traditional bride – let your girls wear your color for you!  You won’t have to compromise tradition to add something fresh and new to your wedding party.

courtesy of

Party Favors Take mints in the literal sense for your party favors.  Mint-colored breath mints will tie your theme together with a cute play on words.  Include a comical saying like “Mint to Be” and your theme will be a hit!

courtesy of

Why not make your special day all the more special with a memorable theme.  The Los Amigos staff strive to offer you the best service in implementing all your ideas and would be more than happy to consult you on your big day.  For more information on our services, please contact our Event Specialist at or call (562) 923-9696.


Venue Tips from Our Event Specialist

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Venue Tips from Our Event Specialist

Insider Tips When Choosing Your Venue

As an event specialist, I’m constantly asked for insider tips and tricks when it comes to event planning.  With 14 years of experience under my belt, I’m more than happy to share what I know of the industry with clients and friends who ask.  As a way to welcome new friends to the renovated Los Amigos Golf Course, I’ve compiled a top ten list of my most frequently asked questions to help guide anyone looking to plan an event; and have answered them per Los Amigos’ own event policies.  This list should be universally applicable to any event venue and I hope it’ll be handy for those looking for a foundation in which to plan their special event.

1. How many guests do I have on my list?
Before you attempt to contact vendors, you should know how many people you’re planning on hosting.  Knowing how many people are on your guest list (including children) can give venues a better idea of what room would best accommodate your event and give you a more accurate quote.

2. What dates are available?  How can I choose an alternative?
Date preferences will be one of the first things I ask any potential client.  If you have a specific date in mind, please don’t hesitate to let us know!  We are more than happy to check for available dates and alternatives over the phone or through email to ensure we can accommodate your event before asking you to come visit us.

3. What are the rates for different days, times and months of the year – and is there a month of the year that is less expensive?
Yes, historically Friday and Sunday events are less expensive than a Saturday event.  An event held during the day will also be less expensive than an event held in the evening.  During the months of January, February and March, Saturday events are offered at a lower price.

4. What are the time blocks allowed for the room?
The Ballroom is available from 9:00am to 3:00pm for Lunch or 5:00pm to 12:00am for Dinner. The Garden is available from 9:00am to 3:00pm for Lunch or 4:00pm to 11:00pm for Dinner.

5. Are there any hidden costs like service charge, gratuity, cleaning fees, etc.?
We charge a California sales tax as well as 20% service charge.  It’s necessary to have one security guard for every 75 guests in your party.  You can choose to add an additional hour to the ballroom for an additional fee as well.  All quotes we provide to clients will reflect and include all applicable costs listed above.

6. Are there any noise restrictions?
For the ballroom, there are none.  For the Garden site, music must be stopped at 11pm and live bands must have a moderate volume to their instruments and must be stopped at 10pm.

7. Are there any additional fees for taking pictures at Los Amigos Golf Course?
No, you are free to take pictures anywhere you want at our golf course. We have two picturesque lakes we encourage you to use and will provide you with shuttle service for the bride and groom and the photographer the day of the event.

Bride Next to Bridge

8. Is the bar, alcohol included in my package?
Some of our packages include an open bar for a few hours but some do not include the cost of alcohol. We provide you with the full bar and bartender at no extra charge but the alcohol must be hosted by you or on a cash basis by your guests.

9. At what time can my vendors set up?
Vendors are welcomed two hours prior to your event.

10. How far in advance should I book my event?
We recommend you to book your event one year in advance especially if you are looking for a summer date.  If you don’t have that much time in advance, hold your date as soon as you find the right venue for your event – dates get booked very quickly. We are always striving to make Los Amigos Golf Course a more personable and affable venue for all events.

If you have any questions regarding Los Amigos and our event options, please feel free to contact me via email or phone at or (562) 923-9696 ext. 103. We wish you the best in planning your next event! Brenda Ueman Event Sales Manager Catering & Latin Event Specialist (562) 923-9696 ext. 103 Contact UsVisit Our Blog  FacebookTwitterPinterest


Wedding Backdrops on a Dime

Posted by on Jan 25, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Wedding Backdrops on a Dime

DIY Backdrops for the Budget-Conscience Bride

Brides on a budget know the importance of making every dollar count.  Our event specialists at Los Amigos are always looking for ways to help our brides cut costs without having to sacrifice on the wow factor.  Backdrops are a terrific way to liven the atmosphere of any event venue for minimal cost.  Every venue can be transformed by a backdrop into the wedding of your dreams!  Check out some of our recommendations for budget-friendly backdrop ideas!

Floral Backdrops – unlike your bouquets or centerpiece arrangements, flower backdrops can be made of inexpensive, yet cute flowers for a vivid pop of color and texture

courtesy of

Christmas Lights Backdrops – everyone has Christmas lights or knows someone with Christmas lights, what better way to re-purpose something so overlooked that can add a warm glow to your special day

courtesy of

Craft Paper Backdrops – with the help of a few bridesmaids, DIY crafts can transform regular paper into the perfect, customized background

courtesy of

Ribbon Backdrops – ribbons add a light-hearted touch to any wedding backdrop through color and whimsy.  Ideal for outdoor and destination weddings, this medium is easy to purchase, transport and set up – plus it looks great with a breeze!

courtesy of

So for your next wedding or event, try your hand at crafting something one of a kind for your special day.  Our experts at Los Amigos are more than willing to accommodate any backdrop you have in mind!  For more information on our event spaces please visit our website at or click here.


Creative Menu Ideas

Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Creative Menu Ideas

Festive Ways to Dress Up Even the Most Simple Menu

Setting your event menu is oftentimes one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to hosting  a large get-together with guests of varying tastes.  In your attempt to please everyone’s tastes buds don’t forget to put your own touch on your special day!  Even if you can’t control what your guests eat, take back control of your menu design!  Even the most simple and impersonal event menus can be transformed with a bit of creativity into art that complements your personal style.

By utilizing unique materials and creative fonts, any menu can have the chance of being customized into a spectacular and festive physical menu.  Here at Los Amigos, we encourage you to let your imagination run wild with a few ideas to spice up your next menu.

Chalkboard Menus – write your menu on an over-sized chalkboard using various colors

courtesy of

 Unique Placement –  Be bold and juxtapose various fonts and colors into one seemless menu

courtesy of

Circular Menus – think outside the box and go with an original circular menu

courtesy of

Paper Bag Menus – why not let some items do double duty?

courtesy of

From pescetarian friends to your great-uncle who eats nothing but red meat, Los Amigos is proud to offer various preset menu items that can be mixed and matched to suit the needs of your guests and event.  Take some of the above ideas and incorporate them into your own special event here at Los Amigos. For more information on Los Amigos’ menu packages please call 562-923-9696.


Wedding Cake Ideas

Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas…Bigger is Not Always Better

It seems at one point in time, every girl has dreamed of a huge fantastic wedding to their Prince Charming.  The ladies here at Los Amigos share your sentiments in this and would like to help you implement a wedding as close to a fairy tale as we can.  If fiscal realities are hindering your quest for the prefect wedding, here’s an idea that can help you curb wedding-debt later on-  small wedding cakes!  That’s right ladies, an area where you can save money while still provide big bang is in the wedding cake department.  New trends have given birth to smaller cakes packed with or surrounded by big, intricate design.

courtesy of

In true fashion to prove that bigger is not always better, the wedding industry has set a trend of constructing smaller more intimate cakes with detailed designs catered to each individual bride.  If you’re contemplating a small wedding with just your closest family and and friends, these types of cakes are perfect as they will pragmatically feed all your guests with no room for waste and more room for other necessities in your budget.

courtesy of

  That wallop of impression can also be translated into your surrounding designs.  Rather than incorporate those details into your cake, you can coordinate it into your venue design to set off your cake (as seen in our ballroom below!) For those with more simplistic tastes in cake, you can set off any cake with the correct accessories and cake table design.

For more information on letting Los Amigos help host your perfect wedding (and wedding cake!) , please visit the Weddings section of our website here.


Quinceaneras for Every Season

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Los Amigos Weddings & Quinceanera Blog | Comments Off on Quinceaneras for Every Season

Customized Quinceaneras for Every Season at Los Amigos Golf Course

At Los Amigos, we understand that organizing a time-honored tradition is difficult especially at the beginning stages of planning.  From considering what color your theme should be to what type of venue you should choose, the possibilities are both endless and sometimes exhausting!  A good way to help narrow down your choices and finalize selections is to consider the season your Quinceanera will fall under.  Following the seasons alone will help you determine what choices will make for the best overall Quinceanera look and atmosphere!

For the darker, colder seasons of Fall and Winter, we suggest complementing your favorite color with a color suited for that time of year like gold or silver.  Such contrasts brings a twist to your color scheme but will also work in seamlessly pairing your quince dress and accessories to your event venue.  Our indoor ballroom is perfect for those chilly months as it offers protection from the cold so your guests may comfortably enjoy our amenities.  Your atmosphere will perfectly match this time of year as a room of gold or silver will definitely get your guests in the mood for a good time!

For those notoriously sunny California days, we recommend choosing a bright and vibrant color like yellow or turquoise to set off your event.  Take advantage of the beautiful California weather by hosting your Quinceanera outside at one of our two outdoor venues.  The lush greens of our lakeside and garden sites paired with a vibrant pop of color make for the perfect place to host your closest family and friends.  Everything that is readily available in our indoor venue can be brought outside to your Quinceanera from food to entertainment!  Nothing gets a party going quite like good company paired with perfect SoCal weather!

Quinceanera decor summer

Courtesy of Elegant Event Decoration Services

At Los Amigos, we work to ensure that every young girl is given the chance to have a Quinceanera as unique as she is.  Our team of specialists can cater everything from the event menus to the theme colors (see below!) to the specifications of our clients.  Whether you prefer blue or green, indoors or outdoors, Los Amigos has a selection to suit every taste!

 For more information on hosting your Quinceanera at Los Amigos, please visit the Quincenaeras section of our website here.