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Quick Tips for Penny-Pinching Brides

Budgeting for a wedding is one of the most important things a bride can do. But we know that nothing in life is perfect and it may be easy to be tempted by small luxuries or that one big splurge so for the ladies that now find themselves penny-pinching, here are a few tips to get you back on track!

Tip 1: Small DIYs
And we don't mean gathering your aunts and cooking 200 hors d'oeuvres the night before your wedding. Do it yourself projects are on the rise lately due to portals like Pinterest and DIY Network, there are tons of websites out there with great ideas to spruce up smalls aspects of your wedding. Instead of settling on the look of pre-made goods, add some "umph" to your day by kicking those elements up a notch. From table numbers to favor bags, everything can be spruced up to reflect your personal style. From something as simple as stamps and lace, your wedding can have a matching and comprehensive theme.

Tip 2: Double Duty Items
If you're running low on funds, consider adding items that creatively work double time for you. For example, if you're indifferent about where you get married consider holding your ceremony and reception at the same place. This would help cut down on the cost of transportation and multiple venues; plus your guests would be able to relax knowing they don't have to scour out your second location. Holding the ceremony and reception together also helps keep your day manageable as your guests and chauffeur won't be waiting around between a morning ceremony and an evening reception. Hold your ceremony as close to twilight as you can and your reception should be in full swing by the time you're ready to toast. Another easy-to-execute example would be party favors and escort cards. This works great to ensure that all guests find their seats and leave with a favor! Whip out an infamous family recipe and your guests will have something to remember you by long after your wedding is over!

Tip 3: Look for Annual Clearance and Sales
The wedding industry moves quickly and is heavily reliant on trends. This being said, many boutiques and businesses are eager to move merchandise from previous seasons at slashed prices to make room for new inventory. Do your research and see if any of your local businesses offer any great annual sales or clearances. With the boom of social media, as soon as you're engaged you should follow your favorite vendors on their social media sites for information about any upcoming events. This is also a excellent way to keep track of great offers as the store will notify you whenever they have a good deal.

Tip 4: Look for Freebies from Vendors
There are a lot of great wedding options out there today and the internet is a great resource for bringing those options straight to your living room. Literally. Many wedding vendors now offer wedding samples and freebies that can be dropped in the mail and delivered to your door for only the cost of shipping. Instead of driving all over town to look at different samples and options, if you know what you want then have it delivered to your home. Time is money! If you prefer to go see things in person, samples and giveaways are almost always available in-store for you to try or win before purchasing. So ask, better safe than sorry especially if you're budget conscience. We've seen free samples and giveaways for just about everything, wedding invites to makeup, don't be afraid to ask girls.

Tip 5: Don't trust all Freebies
Free stuff may be awesome but be weary! If you visit a bridal show and win a drawing for a big-ticket item, take the freebie but research that vendor! Freebies are usually offered by companies looking to maximize their brand recognizance so sometimes they may be offering a free service but at as minimal a cost as possible. Some free goods are not up to par as compared to their retailed counterparts. They can be made from cheaper quality products or may be a used product that's been recycled through the drawing. Don't get us wrong, there are a ton of legitimate freebies out there but be wary of all offers. You get what you pay for so research thoroughly and be sure that you're getting a good value for your efforts. The last thing you need is a non-blessing in disguise.

We hope these tips come in handy brides looking to plan their perfect day on a less than perfect budget. To find out what Los Amigos has to offer for your budget, contact our event specialists at 562-923-9696 ext. 103.

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Quick Tips to Consider When Planning a Wedding

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