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Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas…Bigger is Not Always Better

It seems at one point in time, every girl has dreamed of a huge fantastic wedding to their Prince Charming. The ladies here at Los Amigos share your sentiments in this and would like to help you implement a wedding as close to a fairy tale as we can. If fiscal realities are hindering your quest for the prefect wedding, here's an idea that can help you curb wedding-debt later on- small wedding cakes! That's right ladies, an area where you can save money while still provide big bang is in the wedding cake department. New trends have given birth to smaller cakes packed with or surrounded by big, intricate design.

In true fashion to prove that bigger is not always better, the wedding industry has set a trend of constructing smaller more intimate cakes with detailed designs catered to each individual bride. If you're contemplating a small wedding with just your closest family and and friends, these types of cakes are perfect as they will pragmatically feed all your guests with no room for waste and more room for other necessities in your budget.

That wallop of impression can also be translated into your surrounding designs. Rather than incorporate those details into your cake, you can coordinate it into your venue design to set off your cake (as seen in our ballroom below!) For those with more simplistic tastes in cake, you can set off any cake with the correct accessories and cake table design.

For more information on letting Los Amigos help host your perfect wedding (and wedding cake!) , please visit the Weddings section of our website .

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